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Our Unique Process

Area Construction Group offers you the freedom to make your house your own. Whether you bring your own design, decide to use one of our customizable plans, or dream up your one-of- a-kind home during a session with our team, a custom home-uniquely yours-is not out of reach. We guide you through a plan­design-build process that takes less time, while still offering a range of on-trend options and finishes.

Building a New Home is Within Your Reach

Many homebuyers settle for remodeling an existing home in order to get the finishes they want at a price they can afford. We challenge you to rethink the possibility of building your home: a home where everything is brand new, exactly how you imagined it. Where the memories within its walls will be yours. The type of home many of our clients imagine to be beyond their price range we can make a reality. With integrity and an eye for detail, we engage in each client’s homebuilding process to offer quality craltsmanship and superior finishes at a range of price points.